VAMSA: The Voice of Virginia’s Stormwater Professionals

The Virginia Municipal Stormwater Association (VAMSA) brings together over 70 proactive local governments and leading stormwater consulting firms to work for clean water and safe infrastructure in Virginia based on sound science and good public policy.

The Association supports clean water, safe and vibrant communities, and a strong state economy by seeking to align clean water goals, smart stormwater management practices, and affordable programs, practices and infrastructure. In promoting abundant clean water in this manner, VAMSA helps maintain Virginia’s U.S.-leading business climate ranking.

VAMSA’s greatest strength is its exceptional people. From our local stormwater program leaders and engineers to our policy counsel and collaborating sister organizations in other states, the Association pools the brightest minds to develop and promote smart ideas. VAMSA Members also support one another by sharing their expertise and experience. In VAMSA, everyone benefits.